Elliott Wave Newsletter
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Elliott Wave Based Analysis covering stock indexes, bonds, currencies and commodities

  • Wave 3 Technical Trading is a service that provides Elliott Wave based market analysis accross a broad range of markets.
  • The Wave 3 methodology involves a blend of Elliott Wave, the Fibonacci number sequence, moving averages, timing techniques momentum characteristics, and sentiment indicators..
  • Based on sound principles of market behavior observed in over 20 years of analysis, encompassing numerous economic cycles and trading conditions.

2 Updates per Week

  • Two updates per week published Monday and Thursday.
  • Regularly discussed will be the S & P 500, the Australian ASX 200, US Interest Rate markets, Australian Interest Rate markets, currencies such as the Euro/USD and Aud/USD; and commodities such as Gold, Copper, and Oil.


Mission Statement

The aim of the commentary is to assist traders to better interpret and understand market movements, by providing readers an insight  from an Elliott Wave and technical dimension, utilizing a methodology and skill set that has been developed over 20 years of market experience.


Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory measures investor psychology, which is a key component in the movement of prices from one point to another. As the underlying fundamentals shift, investor psychology adjusts taking prices from one point to another. The Wave Theory measures the shift in human emotions, from optimism to pessimism, back to optimism, etc. These movements occur not in a haphazard fashion, but often in clearly identifiable waves as outlined by Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948), whose study of the stock market led him to develop the Wave Principle. Click here for more information with regards Elliott Wave. Click here for more information about Elliott Wave.